Jesus: Face to Face

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by Tom Joustra

Jesus reveals himself to us in many different ways. Through this study, we will see how several people in the New Testament encountered Jesus face to face; and we will consider some of the ways that we encounter him in our own lives.

Eight Sessions:

  1. Meeting Jesus through Other People: Luke 5:17-26
  2. Meeting Jesus When We Feel Lonely: John 4:3-30; 39-42
  3. Meeting Jesus When We Are Not Well: Mark 5:22-43
  4. Meeting Jesus When We Feel Guilty: Luke 19:1-10
  5. Meeting Jesus with His Scars: Luke 24:36-49
  6. Meeting Jesus through Our Doubt: John 20:19-29
  7. Meeting Jesus through the Faith of Others: 2 Timothy 1:2-7
  8. Meeting Jesus Again and Again: Acts 9:10-19

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