Living With Pain

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by Victoria White

Although our path here on earth is sometimes filled with joy and celebration, most of us also face times of pain and suffering. This unit on Living with Pain helps us examine those more difficult times, and offers comfort and hope through biblical perspectives. Each day may bring new challenges, but sharing life’s burdens as a group and finding hope in God’s word is what Living with Pain is all about.

Six Sessions:

  1. Everyone Hurts: Romans 8:18-30
  2. Why Pain?: Romans 8:19-22; John 9:1-7
  3. “Why, God?”: Romans 8:22-23; Mark 15:25-34
  4. God is with Us: Romans 8:26-27; Daniel 3:16-30
  5. We Walk Together: Romans 8:29; Ruth 1
  6. We Have Hope: Romans 8:24-25; 28-30; Job 1:13-20; 19:23-27

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