With MINISTRIES (Formerly Friendship Ministries)

TOGETHER is the most recent series of Bible study curriculum developed by Friendship Ministries, which recently combined with the Church Division of All Belong Center for Inclusive Education, and has become With Ministries.

For over four decades, Friendship Ministries has been a leader in the development of numerous resources that support faith formation and congregational inclusion. The Church Division of All Belong Center for Inclusive Education focused on developing inclusive ministry models, creating practical resources, delivering effective training, and providing individualized coaching. The Church Division was a long-standing partner with Friendship Ministries, which makes the convergence of the two organizations a natural decision.

The two have come together as one organization, With Ministries, serving the Church as a non-denominational and ecumenical organization. We are expanding our focus to transform the entire church, reflecting the beauty and fullness of the body of Christ. With seeks to support pastors, worship and ministry leaders to faithfully create belonging for people of all abilities in the body of Christ. We seek to build church communities where congregations are truly with people experiencing disability, where all are known, have opportunities to serve and lead, and worship alongside fellow believers.

Find out more about what we believe and what we offer congregations at withministries.org